Technology Overview
Chord™ signaling A multi-wire signaling approach that is a generalization of differential signaling.


Tools Overview
KEYE™ Our in-house GUI-based statistical eye simulator.
TAU™ Our in-house GUI-based fast time-domain SerDes modeling tool.


Application Overview
Long reach links Ideal for high speed and low power transmission of data on electrical backplane links. Standardized by the OIF (CEI-56G-LR-ENRZ).
Memory links Superior signal integrity, low latency, and low power make our links ideal for different types of memory applications.
System in-package Ideal for very low power and ultra high speed communication of data between dies in a low-cost package. By transmitting data at high speed over fewer wires, our Glasswing technology makes expensive interposers obsolete and in-package integration affordable for a wide range of applications.