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Our Mantra

What we're doing has not been done before. We're unique, leading the industry, and making our mark. As a team we're driven, extremely focused, and resilient. We know that whatever we face we have the skills and knowledge to solve together.

Our Values

Here are our core values embedded in our DNA

  • The Magic is Inside

    It's our unique talents and what they create that attracts customers. Always looking for the next innovation is how we evolve not only ourselves but the world around us. Come discover your magic!

  • Quality Speaks

    To commit to quality, own your role and responsibilities. Be present and always be proactive. We're dependable and deliver on promises and deadlines.

  • Join the Huddle

    We're working together for the bigger vision. It is never "who" had that idea, it is only "what" is the idea. Throw your brain into our mix.

  • Imagine the Impossible

    Challenges exist to be conquered. They motivate us, they drive us forward so embrace them. Answering them is how we'll transform the world.

  • Respect Honesty

    Our openness and honesty create a basis for respect by others and enable us to create long lasting relationships.

  • Kindness is Seen

    Kindness is our modus operandi. At Kandou, we rise by lifting others.

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Join the Hive

We have received prestigious scientific awards and have filed hundreds of patents. As a fabless semiconductor company, we challenge the who's who of the technology world by revolutionizing wired connectivity with greater speed and efficiency.

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We have Opportunities Globally

Kandou Bus SA, Switzerland

EPFL Innovation Park, Building I, 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

+41 21 353 9955

Kandou Bus Ltd, Northampton, UK

5 Queensbridge, Bedford Road, Northampton, NN47BF, UK

+44 1604 635826

Kandou Bus Ltd, Reading, UK

200 Brook Drive, Green Park, Reading, RG26UB, UK

+44 1604 635826

Kandou Bus Ltd, Eurocentral, UK

Maxim 1, Parklands Ave, Eurocentral, ML1 4WR, UK

+44 1698 209 100

Kandou Bus GmbH, Germany

Borussiastrasse 112, 44149 Dortmund, Germany

 +49 231 226130 00

Kandou Bus, Denmark

Agern Allé 24, Building 5, 2970 Hoersholm, Denmark

+45 2720 6437


I enjoy working at Kandou because the company provides me the support I need and the tasks I get are challenging so that I feel valued. My colleagues at Kandou give credit to the work I do and I feel honored working for Kandou. Kandou is a multi-cultural company where we learn about people from different cultures and backgrounds and enjoy working together.

Author Details
Ashish Singh
EDA/CAD Methodology Engineer, Kandou Reading

From the beginning, Kandou and I felt as if two matching pieces of a puzzle had been found. My knowledge and my experience are highly appreciated and I have the opportunity to create something new, to constantly develop myself and to be part of an amazing and growing international company. One of my most interesting tasks as part of our fantastic HR team is to find more matching pieces of the puzzle.

Author Details
Britta Kamps
HR Specialist, Kandou Dortmund

I've been working at Kandou Bus as Layout Engineer for nearly two years. I get the chance to work with the best engineers on challenging problems and finding solutions for them. Most people working here are very friendly especially in the layout team. We share everything we know in terms of technical stuff. Working hours at Kandou are very flexible as you can extend your work at home if necessary.

Author Details
Mervin Ramos
Layout Engineer, Kandou Northampton

Kandou brought me the possibility to unleash my potential. You'd be surprised what you can achieve with the right people.

Author Details
Jérémie Melly
IT Administrator, Kandou Lausanne
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