Join the hive

Challenges are our drive, innovation our calling. We are a team of passionate, accomplished, professionals making a mark in the semiconductor industry. We started as a university research lab, and faithful to our roots, we truly value the pursuit of knowledge as most technology breakthroughs were made by women and men driven by curiosity.

We have received prestigious scientific awards and have filed hundreds of patents. Now a fabless semiconductor company we challenge the Who’s Who of the technology world by revolutionizing wired connectivity with greater speed and efficiency.

If you enjoy pushing yourself beyond your limits, if you relish being part of a team of pioneers, and have an insatiable appetite for progress and chocolate, Kandou is your home.

Our Mantra

What we are doing has not been done before. We’re unique, we are leading the industry and making our mark. As a team we are driven, extremely focused and resilient. We know that whatever we face we have the skills and knowledge to solve together.

We Kandou it!

Seven Strong Values Embedded in Our DNA

The mix matters

We are a happy hive of people from all corners of the globe. Diversity is our lifeblood. Bring your individuality to our hive!

The magic is inside

It is our unique talents and what they create, that attracts customers. Always look for the next innovation. It’s how we evolve not only ourselves but the world around us. Come discover your magic!

Quality speaks

To commit to quality, own your role and responsibilities. Be present and always be proactive. We are dependable and deliver on promises and deadlines.

Imagine the impossible

Challenges exist to be conquered. They motivate us, they drive us forward so embrace them. Answering them is how we’ll transform the world.

Join the huddle

We are working together for the bigger vision. It is never ‘who’ had that idea, it is only ever ‘what’ is the idea. Throw your brain into our mix.

Respect honesty

Our openness and honesty create a basis for respect by others and enable us to create long lasting relationships.

Kindness is seen

Kindness is our modus operandi. At Kandou we rise by lifting others.

Current openings

See below for a list of our current openings. If there is no opening that fits your profile, but you still would like to join Kandou, introduce yourself. Submit your spontaneous application via our contact page.