The Glasswing™ SerDes family is a set of programmable IPs designed and optimized for in-package applications. Glasswing provides high system bandwidth with low power consumption through the use of CNRZ-5 Chord™ signaling and a forwarded clock architecture. Glasswing is ideal for disintegrating complex SoC's to increase yield, reduce time-to-market, and more.


  • USR links inside a shared package.
  • Processor-to-SerDes chiplet links.
  • Processor-to-Optics chiplet links.
  • Switch-to-switch links.
  • Links between heteorgenous chiplets.


Product Throughput Foundry Technology Orientation Product brief
GW16-500 500 Gbps TSMC FinFET North-South (horizontal) Download
GW28-125 125 Gbps TSMC Planar Not applicable Download