Kandou is famous for high speed, whether that’s helping to unlock USB4’s 40Gbps with our Matterhorn retimer, or creating ultra-low latency chiplets with our Glasswing interconnect. But we’re about to add a new tool to our portfolio, which will accelerate retimer installation in an entirely different way — Besso.

Debugging a PCIe Gen 5 system can be extremely costly and time-consuming. A period of trial and error lasting an unknown time is the last thing you need when planning an upgrade, and support from manufacturers often falls short.

But as you rely on retimers more and more to handle higher speeds in PCIe, Besso is tailormade to provide the deep insights you need to get your systems moving faster and faster.

A full announcement of the Besso tool and its capabilities is coming soon – look out for updates here and on our LinkedIn page.