Very Low Power and Only 1.28ns Latency!

Test and characterization of our test silicon for Glasswing is ongoing. As you may recall, Kandou’s Glasswing SerDes is optimized for die-to-die interconnect inside a shared MCM package. Total bandwidth is 500 Gbit/s of bidirectional throughput on 2.4 mm of die edge. Power consumption is 0.82 pJ/bit as measured on our test silicon.

Kandou has also developed an optional, low-latency Forward Error Correction (FEC) block that can be layered on top of the Glasswing hard macro. The FEC block, which is delivered in RTL format, can be used to:

  • Increase eye margin, and/or
  • Reduce power

This FEC is Kandou’s proprietary design, runs with very low power consumption, and adds just 1.28 ns of latency to Glasswing’s class-leading 4.42 ns link latency. This latency is low enough so as to not interfere with most credit-based or request-grant protocols.