Kandou specializes in the design of high-speed, and pin- and energy-efficient chip-to-chip links, SerDes, and associated technologies.

Demand for bandwidth in serial links has increased as industries require both high-quantity and high-quality information. Kandou Bus has developed a unique approach to serial link design that increases the bit-rate and the reach for a given physical communications link and reduces the power consumption. As a result, more bits can be sent per unit of energy, or less energy can be used to achieve a given bit rate.

Less energy means available power can be used for more speed, greater battery life, smaller dies or novel designs that shatter many of today’s constraints.

Our team of scientists and engineers, based in Switzerland, Germany, the UK, and the US, is pushing the boundaries of serial links.

Our mission is to lower the energy consumption of electronic devices and systems while simultaneously enabling new functionality for end-users. Kandou’s designs lead to faster interconnects at substantially lower energy consumption, and substantially smaller physical footprint than any competing technologies. The Kandou Bus new breed of chip connection technologies fundamentally improves the speed to power consumption trade-off frontier.

Improved pin efficiency

Kandou’s technology offers much improved pin-efficiency of one or more bits per pin. At a pin efficiency of one, half the clock frequency of differential signaling is used to achieve a given throughput. This relaxes requirements on equalization and CDR, two of the most power hungry components of a very high-speed serial link.

Reduced power consumption for equalization and CDR

Kandou's technology reduces the power consumption of the link, as the lower clock frequency translates to relaxed requirements for equalization and CDR. Moreover, since CDR needs only to be done on a group of wires instead of across every pair of wires, the number of CDR units in a given link is greatly reduced, leading to further energy reductions.

Improved throughput

At a pin efficiency of one, twice the amount of data is transmitted through the given pins, thereby greatly improving the transmission throughput.

Reduced line power consumption

By choosing the right Kandou signaling variant for a given application, Kandou coding allows to substantially save driver power (factor 2 or more compared to differential signaling).

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