Application Examples

PCI-X backplane

Backplane links

Kandou's Chord Signaling techniques and its derivatives are ideal for very high speed and super low power transmission of data on printed circuit board backplane links. Basedlined by the OIF, CEI-56G-LR-ENRZ is the ideal signaling technique to move data at 28 Gbps per wire over a long reach link with the use of additional forward error correction techniques.

Xilinx 2.5D interposer

2.5D integration

Kandou's Glasswing family is designed for very low power and very high speed communication of data between dies in a low-cost package. By transmitting data at high speed over fewer wires, Glasswing makes expensive interposers obsolete and flexible 2.5D integration affordable for a wide range of applications.

Closeup of a ferrite memory module

Memory links

Superior signal integrity at high speeds makes Kandou's links an ideal candidate for links between different types of memory and controllers. Whether it is LPDDRx, DDRx, GDDRx, or connecting stacked DRAM to SoC's inside a package or off-package, Kandou's future proof technology solves the industry's challenges today and tomorrow.