ENRZ signalling has been adopted as an OIF standard

We are happy and immensely proud to announce that Kandou’s ENRZ signalling has been adopted as an OIF standard! The new standard, CEI OIF-56G-ENRZ-LR governs chip-to-chip communication across the longest possible PCB channels that connect ASIC’s on different line cards. These channels are among the toughest ones found in the industry because of their extremely high loss. At the same time, and unlike longer reach communication such as Ethernet over cable, power constraints are extremely onerous, making this the “gold standard” of SerDes technology.

ENRZ is a new type of signaling transmitting 3 bits on 4 wires. One of its main advantages over competing solutions, like PAM-4, is its resilience to Intersymbol-Interference (ISI) one of the toughest noise types found on chip-to-chip links. The lower power consumption of ENRZ links is a direct consequence of its noise resilience since much lower power is consumed in cleaning up the signals. This ability of ENRZ has been decisive in its selection as a standard. Way to go, Kandou!”


Getting Chord signaling™ adopted in international standards and implementation agreements is central to creating a virtuous cycle of adoption.

Kandou actively participates in three industry groups.

  • The first is the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF), which is the world’s central standards development organization for high speed serial interface technology. The OIF has defined four generations of serial interfaces. These interfaces have been adopted in all of the key ASIC and FPGA flows and can be found in everything from the electrical interface to optics, CPU-CPU processor interfaces, and memory interfaces.
  • The second is JEDEC, the world’s memory standards development organization. JEDEC produces standards for DDR, LPDDR, Flash Memory, and Memory modules as well as pure electrical interfaces.
  • The third group is IEEE 802.3, which is the group that defines wired Ethernet.

Kandou has made substantial progress at both the OIF and at JEDEC, with proposals at each body currently in voting cycles. More information will be released as it becomes publicly available.

Kandou is fully committed to being a good corporate citizen, to interacting with candor & transparency, and to abiding with the by-laws of these organizations.

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