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USB-C® Retimer Solutions

Matterhorn is a product family of USB Type-C retimer solutions. It leverages our unique low-power SerDes technology that extend reach with low latency and flexibility in a wide range of source or sink applications.

Key Features

Matterhorn supports the following key features:

  • USB4 Gen2, Gen3 signaling (20 and 40 Gbit/s)
  • USB 3.2 SuperSpeed+ signaling (5, 10 and 20 Gbit/s)
  • DisplayPort 1.4 (8.1, 5.4, 2.7 and 1.62 Gbit/s) x1, x2, x4
  • DisplayPort 2.1 (UHBR up to 20 Gbit/s) x1, x2, x4
  • Thunderbolt™ 3, 2 (20.625 and 10.3125 Gbit/s)
  • On-chip diagnostics including: EyeScope and BER monitors
  • TWI connects to the PD controller for initialization and control
  • Two package options:
    • KB8001: 4x4 mm FCCSP package for small form factor designs
    • KB8002: 5x5mm FCCSP package designed for manufacture (Compatible with KB8010)

Product Benefits

Solution area

Compact 5x5 mm package with smaller external components enables a total solution <50% PCB area versus competitors, which can be used in smaller form factor designs where PCB area is a premium.

Low BOM Cost

No requirement for serial memory which enables reduced BOM cost.

Flexible Orientation

SerDes architecture and crossbar logic supports both source and sink applications.

Low Active Power

Low active power in USB4 and DP-ALT modes, which saves power when connected to USB4 / DP devices.

Compliance Ready

Low risk compliant ready solution for USB4, USB 3.2 and DisplayPort.

Longer PCB traces

Superior channel performance by dynamically correcting for extreme channel characteristics with no system tuning, enables more flexible PCB designs.


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Mobile, Tablet and Desktop PCs

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Active Cables

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Displays, Docking Stations and Adapters

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External Hard Disk and Solid-State Drives

The following is available to support your evaluation and development with the Matterhorn.


  • KB8001
  • KB8002
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Application Notes

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The following is available to support your evaluation and development with Matterhorn.


  • KB8001
  • KB8002
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  • KB8002
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