GW28-125-USR SerDes 125Gb/s Throughput Evaluation Module


Self contained Evaluation Module (EVM) for the Glasswing GW28-125-USR SerDes. 125Gb/s throughput across three user selectable MCM channels. SerDes transmitter and receiver access points. Comprehensive graphical user interface for full EVM and SerDes control and performance evaluation. Simple configuration with through a control card and/or host PC and single power supply unit.


The Glasswing GW28-125-USR SerDes EVM provides a complete functional and performance evaluation of the GW28-125-USR SerDes. The GW28-125-USR SerDes IP is built on 28nm CMOS process and integrated in a flexible user controllable testchip. The SerDes and testchip includes logic to provide pattern generators and verifiers. The SerDes includes line-side loopback and the testchip provides core-side data loopback through a crossbar switch and FIFO.

Four Glasswing GW28-125-USR testchips are flip-chip mounted on a test organic substrate MCM which provides three selectable MCM channels of different length and losses. The MCM is mounted on the EVM. Two of the Glasswing GW28-125-USR testchips provide 6-wire transmitter and receiver breakout channels with associated forward clocks for independent evaluation. Optional high speed test signal monitor and injection points are available through 2.92mm connectors.

The EVM provides control and support circuitry, and includes a user programmable, low jitter XTAL sourced reference clock generator. User control is provided through an external control card and/or host PC through an SPI header on the EVM. A single power supply unit is required. For the MCM channel die pairs, Rx and Tx power supply values may be controlled independently. The EVM is built with Megtron6 material.

A GUI software package is provided for control. The GUI provides control of the EVM, testchip configuration and displays performance data. Each of the four testchips, and the SerDes, can be independently controlled and configured. The SerDes and testchip contains a number of registers for control, and data registers can be interrogated for performance metrics. An on-board ADC is used as monitor references, test signals and on-chip temperature sensors. Refer to the GW28-125-USR SerDes IP Product Brief for further information.

The GUI software package includes built-in scripts to drive and display, for example, operating setup, and performance monitors such as bit error rate (BER) bathtub curves and receiver data eyes.

GW28-125-USR SerDes 125Gb/s Throughput Evaluation Module setup with GUI Display

Glasswing GW28-125-USR evaluation board GUI display

GW28-125-USR SerDes 125Gb/s Test Chip Block Diagram

Glasswing GW28-125-USR Testchip

GW28-125-USR test mcm

Glasswing GW28-125-USR SerDes Test MCM

  • Organic GX13 substrate
  • 222 layer stack up
  • 19mm square
  • 18 x 18 BGA with 1mm ball pitch
  • Provides 3 channels of 5mm, 12mm and 24mm
  • Channel losses (s21 at 12.5GHz) of ~0.6dB, ~1.25dB and ~2.5dB
  • Channel trace length matched to 1µm
  • 5b6w channels, 50 Ohms:
    • Trace width = 19.5µm
    • Space = 55.5µm
  • Two die provide breakout of Rx and Tx 6-wire interfaces plus forward clocks respectively through H+S MXP connectors
transmitter receiver mcm_socket spi_control power
GW28-125-USR test board

GW28-125-USR Test Board (point the mouse or touch image zones for details)

Glasswing GW28-125-USR SerDes IP Technology

  • TSMC 28nm HPM process.
  • 1.0V analog and digital, and 1.5-1.8V supplies.
  • Junction temperature -25 to +105 degrees C.
  • Standard flip chip technology.
  • Tileable layout to support high IO density.

GW28-125-USR EVM Deliverables

  • EVM with MCM socket
  • 4-die MCM sample
  • Control board and connectors
  • Software package
  • User guide


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