block diagram of GW28-125-USR

GW28-125-USR IP consists of a common block (CB), a Tx block, and an Rx block. Data is transmitted on a collection of 6 wires in each direction. The SerDes employs a forwarded differential clock.

The GW28-125-USR SerDes belongs to the Glasswing family which is a programmable IP designed and optimized for in‐package applications. Glasswing provides high system bandwidth with low power consumption. The IP may be deployed in multiple instances to provide efficient extended interfaces.

The Glasswing IP can be used in many different applications. Examples include:

  • Short reach multi‐chip modules:
    • Packaging of dies with dissimilar semiconductor processes.
    • Packaging of smaller dies to increase yield.
  • High throughput data interfaces:
    • Processor or switch to wide, high bandwidth memory.
    • Efficient interface to off‐board SerDes.
    • Efficient interface to optics engines.
    • Switch to switch links.

The GW28‐125‐USR SerDes is a hard IP SerDes solution that provides a high throughput for short reach multi‐chip‐module applications such as chip‐to‐chip, processor or switch to memory, and in‐ package interfaces. It is available in TSMC 28nm HPM technology and uses the CNRZ-5 Chord signaling™ scheme delivering 5 bits over 6 correlated wires, and employs a forwarded clock architecture.

GW28-125-USR IP layout with the Tx IP, common IP, and Rx IP

GW28-125-USR IP layout with the Tx IP, common IP, and Rx IP. The forwarded clock (FCLK) for Tx and Rx are on the side. The physical dimensions are 0.4185mm x 1.503mm.

Typical supported applications will deliver 25GBaud over channels of 5mm to 24mm with insertion losses in the range 3dB to 6dB at Nyquist. The GW28‐125‐USR achieves low power through coding, efficient circuitry, simple clocking and equalization schemes.

GW28-125-USR is offered as a hard IP. A full list of deliverables is as follows:

  • Data sheet and application notes.
  • Channel compliance specification.
  • Standard Integration Views: GDS, LEF, verilog, .lib.
  • Outline silicon test program.
  • Evaluation Module available.

GW28-125-USR offers a number of advantages :

  • 40% higher throughput over conventional SerDes at the same baud rate over the same number of pins/wires.
  • Enables 2.5D integration through high pin‐efficiency and low power.
  • FOM 166 Gbps/mm bidirectional data
  • FOM 444Gbps/mm bidirectional data as 4TxRx configuration possible
  • Excellent signal integrity.
  • Differential-like EMI performance.

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