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An exploration of the technical feasibility of the major technology options for 400GE backplanes.


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Simulation results for NRZ, ENRZ & PAM-4 on 16-wire full-sized 400GE backplanes


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Kandou’s ENRZ Interface

White Paper

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Kandou’s Interfaces for High Speed Serial Links

White Paper

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A Pin- and Power-Efficient Low-Latency 8-to-12Gb/s/wire 8b8w-Coded SerDes Link for High-Loss Channels in 40nm Technology

ISSCC 2014 Paper Presentation (Session 26.3)

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Chord Signaling for High Bandwidth Extra Short Reach Interfaces


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Path to 112G (on two wires), A Two Generation Investigation


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XSR/USR Interface Analysis Including Chord Signaling Options


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MR Interface Analysis Including Chord Signaling Options


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ENRZ Advanced Modulation for Low Latency Applications


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Chord™ Signaling Modulation for 100G and 200G Backplane Applications


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A Pin- and Power-Efficient 20.83Gb/s/wire 0.94pJ/bit Forwarded Clock CNRZ-5 Coded SerDes up to 12mm for MCM Packages in 28nm CMOS

ICCSS 2016 Presentation

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A Pin-Efficient 20.83Gb/s/wire 0.94pJ/bit Forwarded Clock CNRZ-5-Coded SerDes up to 12mm for MCM Packages in 28nm CMOS

ISSCC 2016 Paper

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Glasswing IP Family: GW28-125-USR SerDes 125Gbps Throughput


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The Glasswing SerDes family is a programmable IP designed and optimized for in-package applications. Glasswing provides high system bandwidth with low power consumption through the use of 5b6w ChordTM signaling and employs a forwarded clock architecture. The Glasswing IP may be deployed in multiple instances to provide efFicient extended interfaces.

The GW28-125-USR SerDes is a hard IP SerDes solution that provides a high throughput for short reach interposer and multi-chip-module applications such as chip-to-chip, processor or switch to memory, and in- package interfaces. Typical supported applications will deliver 25GBaud over channels of 5mm to 25mm with insertion losses in the range 3dB to 6dB at Nyquist.

The GW28-125-USR achieves low power through coding, efFicient circuitry, simple clocking and equalization schemes.

Requirements for the Dis-Integrated System and Chord™ Signaling Modulation Solutions


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