Kandou to Demonstrate 500Gbps USR Glasswing PHY at DesignCon 2018

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Santa Clara, January 24, 2018, Kandou Bus has announced that it will demonstrate its Glasswing™ USR SerDes technology at the DesignCon 2018 Conference, co-host a panel announcing a new industry consortium for developing USR solutions, and participate in an Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) panel.

“DesignCon is an excellent opportunity for Kandou to demonstrate and discuss our new, 16 nm Glasswing SerDes based on our Chord signaling technology,” said Kandou Founder and CEO Amin Shokrollahi.

“We can now show that Chord signaling delivers on the promise of higher bandwidth at <1 pJ/bit power consumption for die-to-die interconnect in a shared package. The Glasswing does not require a silicon interposer, which provides our customers with improved packaging flexibility and significant cost savings.” On the DesignCon exhibit floor, Kandou, in collaboration with Keysight, will demonstrate its second generation USR Glasswing PHY. Called “GW16-500”, this techology provides 500Gbps of bi-directional throughput while consuming <1pJ/bit. The IP is only 2.4mm on die edge by 1.0mm deep and uses a standard 150 micrometer bump pitch. On Tuesday at 4:45 PM, Kandou and Marvell will participate in a panel introducing the USR Alliance, an industry consortium that is forming to address the specific challenges of integrating multiple die inside a shared package. The presenters will discuss the MCM-focused technical specifcations that are being worked on at the Alliance and will also talk about their company’s viewpoints regarding the reaches, modulation techniques, and measurement techniques needed to enable a multi-vendor ecosystem of devices.

On Wednesday at 3:45 PM, Kandou will participate in the OIF panel presentation. The Kandou speaker will present the OIF’s CEI-112G-MCM project, and three other speakers will discuss the OIF’s CEI-112G-VSR project. These projects collectively are trying to defne the frst two reaches of the 100 Gb s generation of electrical interfaces.

DesignCon Details

Kandou will be in booth 314 on the show floor at DesignCon 2018 at the Santa Clara, Convention Center, which is open January 31st and February 1st from noon to 6:00 p.m. each day.

In Track 01 on Tuesday afternoon from 4:45 – 6:00 PM, Kandou Founder and CEO Amin Shokrollahi and VP of Standards Brian Holden will participate in the panel “USR Alliance: The MCM is the New PCB.”

In Track 08 on Wednesday afternoon from 3:45 – 5:00 PM, Kandou VP of Standards Brian Holden will participate in the OIF panel “CEI-112G: Every. Last. Thing. Matters.”

The complete DesignCon technical program can be found at designcon.com

About the OIF

The OIF facilitates the development and deployment of interoperable networking solutions and services. Members collaborate to drive Implementation Agreements (IAs) and interoperability demonstrations to accelerate and maximize market adoption of advanced internetworking technologies. OIF work applies to optical and electrical interconnects, optical component and network processing technologies, and to network control and operations including software defined networks and network function virtualization. The OIF actively supports and extends the work of national and international standards bodies. Launched in 1998, the OIF is the only industry group uniting representatives from across the spectrum of networking, including many of the world’s leading service providers, system vendors, component manufacturers, software and testing vendors. Information on the OIF can be found at oiforum.com. OIF Press Contact:

Deborah Porchivina PAPR for the OIF Email: Deborah@papr.com Mobile: 415-272-0943

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