Kandou Glasswing Silicon Back from Foundry

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Open Eyes on All Channels!

We just received our GW16-500-USR test silicon back from the foundry and have it up and running on test boards with open eyes on all channels! We are now working through debug and full test/char across all silicon corners. This IP is optimized for die-to-die interconnect inside a shared MCM package and will demonstrate the following:

  • 500Gbps of bi-directional throughout using our 5-bit-over-6-wire “CNRZ-5” Chord singling
  • 2.4mm on die edge X 1.0mm deep using standard 150u bump pitch
  • 0.81pJ/bit on nominal silicon
  • Supports reach up to 24mm and up to 3 corners on MCM substrate

We will complete test and characterization on this silicon by end of October 2017.

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