The next generation’s modulation - PAM-4, NRZ, or ENRZ?

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Holden explained how the ENRZ electrical interface uses four wires to transmit three bits using the codes ±{+1, -1/3, -1/3, -1/3}. That is, any pair or wires can carry the +1 code and the other -1/3 codes travel between any other pairs of wires. At 37.3 Gbaud, ENRZ can deliver 112.3 Gbps as where NRZ would need 56 Gbaud to achieve the same rate, if that’s even possible with NRZ.

Martin Rowe, EDN Network

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Kandou’s David Stauffer to Speak about ENRZ at OFC Market Watch Session

Kandou Bus announced today that David Stauffer of Kandou will speak at the OFC Market Watch session entitled OIF CEI 56G: Signal Integrity to the Forefront. Dr. Stauffer serves as the Chair of the Physical and Link Layer (PLL) Working Group of the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) and is a lead design engineer for Kandou Bus with more than 30 years of experience at Kandou and IBM. He will speak with three other OIF leaders in a panel discussing the development of the new OIF CEI-56G specifications on Tuesday, March 22 at 10:30- 11:30 AM in Expo Theater II, Exhibit Hall B of the Anaheim Convention Centre.

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