Startup Promises Bandwidth Boost

For media enquiries, contact Jeff McGuire at jeff@kandou.com or on +1 303-903-9244
SAN FRANCISCO. — A math professor’s observation mushroomed into a startup with two demo chips and three standards efforts. Kandou Bus aims to drive a broad range of chip-to-chip and backplane interconnects down to picojoules/bit rates measured in single digits.

Rick Merrit, EETimes

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A brief history of Kandou Bus

Kandou Bus uses a novel form of spatial coding to transmit data between wired chips. The main idea is to introduce correlations between the signals sent on the interface, and choose the correlations judiciously to lower the power consumption, increase the speed, and lower the footprint. It is a generalization of differential signaling (which sends correlated signals on two wires). The company is a spinoff of Dr. Shokrollahi’s lab at the Swiss Federal Technical Institute in Lausanne.

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